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Introduction of Watch swing and swing-related indicators

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Introduction of Watch swing and swing-related indicators

 Inside watch movement have a wheel and hairspring from the pendulum consisting of resonator, it shocks the cycle determines the stability of the timing accuracy of watches. The shock is the balance wheel swings around, its swings that swing, swing in

the watch industry has also been called the amplitude. In accordance with the art painting definition of physics , is the vibration amplitude of objects in static equilibrium position deviated from the maximum


Watch swing is always changing, and its stability and size nba jerseys depends on many factors . The main decision taken was tight at the plate extent of clockwork, clockwork has been more on the full,

then the higher the swing. In addition, and the balance wheel shaft tenon friction is also related to the time when the position change, balance spring and balance wheel in the direction of gravity of the shaft tenon is also followed by changes in the

friction conditions. For example, watches the swiss military watch plane and vertical plane when the swing changes are very obvious, than the facade plane swing is usually about 40 degrees lower.

Other factors that affect the swing there are many, such as: watches, design issues, lubrication conditions, gear axial and cocktail dresses radial clearance, clockwork smooth

torque output and more.

We say watch swing high, that is, people are commonly known as designer wedding dresses "table walk attraction" , but not as high as possible, because the balance wheel would not have reached maximum

rotation of 340 degrees. If you swing too high , could lead to runescape gold watch happen "hit pendulum," which is actually balance wheel escapement disc nails hit the first outside of pork on a skewer a phenomenon

that will change when you watch go fast, sound watch walking loss of normal rhythm of the voices become urgent played like the "horseshoe sound" like. Is generally believed that, watches at full chord wow power

plane state, the swing is at 240 ~ 320 degrees more appropriate .
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