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Painter Beihong Xu

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Painter Beihong Xu

Beihong Xu (1895-1953), modern painting masters, who came from Yixing, Jiangsu province. He entered a private school when he was four-year-old, and learned painting from his father. He went to Japan at his 20, then in the following year he went to

France, learned from Dayoung and entered Xuliang college and Paris National Art School. In 1921 he traveled and studied in Germany and returned in 1927 to work as a professor in the Art College, Chinese University. In 1933 the Exhibition in Paris, French

government bought 12 of his works and displayed them in a oil painting special display room . Later he went through the Europe, and held exhibition in Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union. After the Anti-

Japanese War, he held repeated exhibitions at home in Guangzhou, Changsha and Hong Kong, India, Singapore and so on in order to help refugees of the motherland. He had been as art professor in Beijing University, Guilin Academy College. Later, he was

pointed as the schoolmaster of Beijing Art School. After the liberation , he served baseball jerseys as president of the Central Academy of Art and the All-China Art Workers Association. In his painting creation he

opposed the formalism and adhered to the style of realism, and insisted that “observe the best ways, follow those who never down, improve those poor ones, add on those not enough ones, use those western painting that can be adopted”. He inherited

the good mlb jerseys traditions of China’s painting , adopted the advantages of Western painting to create his own unique style. He was good at the traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, especially good

at drawing. With deep knowledge he could express freely. His well-known oil paintings “after” and “Tian Heng 500 people,” Chinese painting “Jiu Gao Fang,” “Yu gong yi shan”, “Tokyo realignment”, were the most famous. His good at painting horse were

famous world wild, strong power in pen, great swiss watch brands enterprising outlook, all showed new . In 1952, he got sick, and devoted all creations and collections during the whole life to country. During

his life, he is active in the art teaching education, and contributed his entire lie to Chinese art development and brought up a lot of nurturing talents. Beihong Xu died in Beijing in 1953 at his age of 59 years old. The government set his house as Beihong Xu

Memorial Hall. His prom dresses representative the “gallop map” ,

were the most acceptable. Intercropping with flowers and birds and cats and gave a real feeling to customers. His works include “Pu Lv Dong” and “the beginning of Lunjie”, “Beihong-Sketch,” “Beihong painting set,” “Ink and color Beihong Estampes”
Beihong Xu was the foundation of Chinese modern art, he was also bridesmaid dresses an outstanding artist and art educationist .

In the last century, people learned about him through two books:《Memoir of Biwei Jiang—Beihong Xu and I》from Biwei Jiang, and《My Life—the memory of Beihong Xu》from Jingwen Liao. Through their depictions, we can find that the former

devaluated him, and the latter praised; the former suppressed, and the latter complimented. The former was popular in Taiwan, and the latter rs gold was widely accepted by main land China .
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