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BlizzChat Megapost Coming

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Пнд Апр 25 2011, 11:54
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BlizzChat Megapost Coming

We've got homogenized mount speeds, which will let players fly on whichever mount they think looks the coolest rather than that old faithful Rusted Proto-Drake for the extra 30% speed even though half the server is using it. We'll also be able to use

max speed mounts right out of the gate in Cataclysm, no replica handbags complaints on that one !

Unrecognizably changed old-world zones will greet players in the expansion, ameliorating the grind and immersing players in the Cataclysm storyline. After all, how hard can it be to gain 5 levels when you have the entirety of Azeroth to work with? *Knock

on wood.*

Hybrids won't be getting a lot of benefit from their off trees, which is a football jerseys mixed blessing . If their primary trees are fleshed out well enough to dump 76 talent points into, then hybrid trees will definitely

be more defined. If not, hybrid players will definitely be up in arms at the ineffectual offspec mastery bonuses.

We're going to be seeing more heroic difficulty raids, and less gating as well as more crowd control in the 5 player instances -- both designer wedding gowns welcome changes .

As for PvP, not much new info . The PvP oriented nature runescape gold of the class reviews is apparently the result of Blizzard wanting to add horizontal depth to classes rather than vertical. In other words, Blizzard

wants to give players new toys and tools to play with without bringing in additional new damage rs gold abilities to balance .

The class abilities are going to work pretty much as stated by Blizzard in the wow account class reviews . Most of the abilities will work exactly as they sounded like they would in the review language. The new

Tree of Life for Resto Druids sounds really cool -- raid wide tranquility, instant regrowth, tell me more!

I feel a bit for hybrids, they didn't get a lot of clarifications or explanations of their role in buy wow gold the upcoming expansion . I'm going to continue advocating for enhancement shamans who I think have really

been left behind in the Cataclysm planning and deserve another look (especially with Mages getting Time Warp!). Hopefully this livechat was the first of many and we can get more information on exactly what's in store

cheap wow gold for players as the expansion approaches .
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